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Please be our guest, join the party, mingle with the celebrities.

Party with Celebrities
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**The photo at the very top of this page was taken while filming the movie "A Wedding" 1978, starring Carol Burnett, Dina Merrill, Howard Duff,  Desi Arnez, Jr.. Jack Runnfeldt owned and provided all of the limousines shown in the photo.
The limousine shown in the center front, was also used to drive Elvis Presley in 1977, while he was appearing in Chicago.

** See note below
The following are just a few of the many celebrities that have been driven personally by                   Jack Runnfeldt, owner of Cosmopolitan Custom Limousine Service.
Jack drove Elvis in 1976 & 1977
Talk Show Hosts
    Jay Leno                         Johnny Carson                  Oprah Winfry
Our Chicago Area Guys
A little bit Country
A little bit Rock-n-Roll
John Cusack                                        Chris O'Donnell
  Tanya Tucker                          John Denver                            Crystal Gayle
Donnie & Marie Osmond                    James Taylor                         Whitney Houston
                   Lou Rawls                                  Frankie Avalon
              Joe Mantagna                                                 Richard Lewis
           Bruce Willis                                                    Susan Lucci
       Mary Hart                      Candice Bergen                    Barbara Eden
Smothers Brothers
         Captain Kangaroo                                      Bozo the Clown
Movies and Television
Let's not forget the kid shows
Cosmopolitan Custom Limousine Service, Long Grove, Illinois
Elvis Presley
Jay Leno
Oprah Winfrey
Johnny Carson
Vernon Jordan
President Ronald Regan
Bob Hope
Phil Donahue
Joe Montegna
Candice Bergan
Bryant Gumbel
Peter Jennings
Mike Wallace
Tim Allen
Richard Lewis
Bette Midler
Carol Burnett
Dennis Farina
Racquel Welsh
Dan Ackroyd
Susan Lucci
Walt Wiley (All My Children)
Jeannie Francis
Danny Glover
Robert Urich
MacCauley Culkin
Mary Hart
Bruce Willis
Drew Barrymore
Wolfman Jack
James Taylor

Mickey Spillane
Steve Misarck
Smothers Brothers
Ed Sullivan
Danny Thomas
Henry Winkler
Donny Osmond
Marie Osmond
Hugh O’Brien
Neil Simon
Perry Como
Marlo Thomas
Barbara Eden
Desi Arnez Jr.
Barbars Rush
Dina Merrill
Carol Baker
Howard Duff
Dick Van Patten
Tom Bosley
Mia Farrow
Maxamillion Schell
Patricia Neal
Richard Widmark
Julie Sommers
Geraldine Chaplin
Della Reese
Bozo the Clown
Victorio Gassman
Valerie Perine
Rex Smith
Shirley Jones
Peter Lind Hayes
Yvette Mimeaux
Marsha Mason
Kay Star
Don Pardo
Larry Wilcox
Vidal Sasoon
Jerry Fallwell
Lauren Hutton
Isabella Rosallini
Daniel J. Travonta
Horace Grant
Victor Borg’e
Mr. T
Tim Conway
Rich Little
Don Rickles
Flip Wilson
Shecky Green
Roseanne Barr
Tom Arnold
Victor Borg’e
Mark Russell
Boom Boom Geofferyon
Grand Duke & Dutchess of Luxomburg
Howard Baker (Senator)
Belgum Ambassador to Nato
Ahga Kahn
Dr. Henry Kissinger
Prince & Princess of Japan
Prime Minister of Turkey
President of Argentina
Aaron Neville
Neville Brothers Band
Whitney Huston
Roy Orbison
Frankie Avalon
Ben E. King
Lou Rawls
The Temptations
The Drifters
The Spinners
The Four Tops
The Supremes
Crystal Gayle
Glen Campbell
Tania Tucker
Brenda Lee
John Denver
The Village People
The Ohio Players
Lynard Skinard
Danny Sullivan (Indy 500 Winner)
Jim McMahon (Chgo Bears, GB Packers)
Fred “the Hammer” Williamson
Bruce Jenner
Celebrities, Politicians and Royalty Jack Runnfeldt has personally driven
Oh my,  are we showing our age!!